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Survivor Prepping Before the SHTF!

Survivor-Preppers-SHTFSHTF and Prepping for survival is becoming something everyone should at least consider and here at the goal is to assist anyone interested in learning more about prepping and survival in general, with some basic information on getting prepared whether it be for a natural disaster or an apocalyptic  event.

We are devoted to providing useful information on all types of survival for preppers including:

  • Prepper Food Storage
  • Prepper Supplies
  • Preppers News
  • SHTF Weapons

Whether your’e looking for a preppers checklist or info on where to get the best shtf kit you can find it here on

We have a lot of survivalist contributing as Guest Bloggers and covering a wide range of survival skills and survival craft.

SHTF, Prepping, and Survival is what we’re all about


If your’e looking for information on How to Survive in the Desert or how to build a cold weather survival shelter you can find it here on

Surviving an apocalyptic event is possible but only if you have the knowledge before the event occurs.

So take your time and look around the website. Please feel free to make suggestions and by all means please leave your comments below each article. We want to know what you think!

Some of the topics we cover here at include: Outdoor Survival, Survival Medicines, Secure Food Storage, Best Guns For Home Defense, Off Grid and Hydroelectricity as well as Solar Power, SHTF, Prepping, Survival and Self defense.



Survivors and Prepping When the SHTF